Friday, December 12, 2014

Cockroaches and Wild Boar

 Okay i have less than no time today. Just a couple things real fast.. the ceiling flooded in our classroom this week so that was fun. Like it poured down from the ceiling. Umm the road kill here... isnt deer... its wild boar. That caught me off guard. The cockraoaches and bugs are huuuuge and disgusting. The ZL placed books of mormom this week and saw a crazy super fat naked lady running around the subway. 
I wish I had more time but that's all I have. My testimony has strengthened so much! I LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE  the scriptures and read them for hours!! Oh I just love it soooo much!!! I love the scriptures! I love johnson so much! He is amazing! I love my district! They are so amzing. I am so ready for the field. Im ready to teach real investigators and bring them the gospel. I love the gospel so much! This christmas I will spend with the savior. Its all I have. He is the reason for everything. He is the gift. I love you so much.. all of you. Be safe.
All my love,
Elder sharp

Friday, December 5, 2014

Elder Cyrus

THE BIG ONE MONTH was actually tuesday not today... just trust me on that okay? okay good! so my letter this week will be pretty short and different so i am sorry for that. and my english is incredibly bad as well like it scares me how awful it is. anyways so i wrote some notes for all the random things to write home this week! first.. mom i spent money the first pday and bought a scripture case that looks so sick! it has my mission on it and its like home made by this guy. its still not finished but it has a picture of a kid hugging christ and my name on it. then a picture of joseph smith on the back. so im sorry... also.. i forgot to tell you about the native brazilians here in the ctm. apparently the adore me! but all the elders said i looked like miley cyrus and i literally got called that every single day 24-7 until they left. it was ridiculous. i hjave now idea how i look like miley cyrus! and they called johnson cacatura.. HAHAHAHAH its the white bird from the movie rio. i peed the first time they called him that. oh it was hysterical. they are so funny though. also we had rain a lot so we have water. and the showers are full o f bugs. they fly around you as you shower and it is just wonderful.. let me tell ya... the streets here are FILTHY dirty everywhere you look and there are bums just passed out on the sidewalk and im almost positive half of them are dead. they are SOOOOO poor here its insane. the food... i honestly have aboslutey no idea what i am eating but i close my eyes and chew away. i got a spider bite on my hand.. but thanks to doctor johnson the doterra expert i am all better.  
we had another apostle in provo and vocal point came to provo mtc. i am soooo mad. life is just unfair. seriously. port is coming in just dandy.. i usually talk 90 percent of the lessons and this one lesson this week our invest had a problem with faith and how his fam,ily was so messed up and stuff and i sat there in silence for like a minute or two and just let the spirit come and then i just went off. i bore my testimony for like 8 minutes straight about how life is hard for everybody and that is why we have the gospel and faith so we can have happiness and how he needs to have faith in jesus cristo and be baptized. he started crying and after saying no earlier in the lesson he said he would be baptized oh it was the most amazing thing in the world... i love teaching. we grew up singing and we will be the lords missionaries to brign the world his truth... well i changed it... and we are now the lords missionaries to bring the world his truth. there is power in missionaries and their work. i love this gospel. 
All my love,
Elder Sharp

Yay for Cinnamon Rolls!!

Today Brigham went to the bakery to pick up the cinnamon rolls that Kelly McMullin sent him!  What a totally sweet act of kindness for Brig!!  I'm sure it made his day.  

Monday, November 24, 2014

First Letter from Brazil Pday