Monday, March 30, 2015

Walking Mosquito Bite

well i would just like to start of my week of fun by saying holy freak i love my family. seriously i would absolutely LOVE to know what i did to deserve the family i have in the pre mortal life. because that is beyond mystery to me! seriously though. every member of my family is perfect. just flat out perfect! seriously! oh i am just so lucky! so stinkin lucky. first things first.... i am quite prejudice about who my brothers marry. so before you ask whoever you are going to ask... pass it by me okay. and spencer as well. i have yet to meet a girl that is worthy of spencer... hahahahah except for one... sister byrne. pursue spence. when you get home... pursue. but if not her then you as well will have to pass the lucky girl by me. ill be the judge. and my test is very hard to pass. just saying. hahhaah with love.

well my week sure was something. ive been feeling reeeeally crappy these last 2 or 3 days and i have about a gazillion mosquito bites on my legs. man they are just ruthless to me. its like im a big target board. its not fair. clayton for your sake my friend i hope you do not get called to brazil bec you would be a walking mosquito bite. they like white people. no offense. 

so i itch them until they bleed and then i keep itching... so i have like scars on my legs from the dang things. hmmmm oh the sisters had a baptism on sat and i baptized the old lady. OH MY HECK SHE WAS SO FREAKING CUTE!!! seriously she was darling! and.... she hugged me. i didnt hug back... well i guess i kinda did but she was old and crying and she was so sweet and she just threw her arms around me and i just wanted to take this old lady home! i dont know what it is with me and old people  (ladies especially) but man they are just so awesome!! like i siad abbs... old folks home every sat when i get home!

hmmm what else what else.... well we are moving houses. our house is too crowded and frankly it is crappy to try and wash clothes with 9 other missionaries, so elder chase and i are moving on wednesday to the ponta da pria house. that is the house i started in a few months ago. i have mixed feelings about it but im excited. plus our house in INFESTED WITH ANTS. like beyond your comprehension. oh man...if you guys only knew. so we are moving on weds and yeah... we only have 3 more weeks in the transfer so im a little confused but whatevs. that is just part of the mission, constantly moving!

so i had a difficult week guys... this is just hard and sometimes it is very discouraging. we had a baptsim set up for this sat but he didnt come to church. he is a 40 year old surfer who looks like the rich mean guy off of oceans 11 but he is awesome. his name is fabio and he was super pumped but something happened and he didnt go to church. he was doing so good but then satan got to him. its just so discouraging when you try EVERYTHING in  you power to work hard and yet we still dont have investigators at church. its just so freakin hard! anyways i am soo excited for conf this weekend. i love you all and i hope you all had a wonderful week, it sure sounds like you did.