Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brig thinks this is Mr Fredrickson from the movie UP!  

Lloyd Christmas Strikes Again

Weeeellllll alrighty. its about that time! so this week... hahah oh man. highs and lows, ill tell ya! first of all.. i am DEAD tired right now. elder maughan and i (yup mom its just like max and jake.. i had a huge crush on them and now they are my best friends) woke up at 5 freakin 30 and ran up a mountain to watch the sunrise. so im just flat out exhausted! it was SOOO worth it though! my heck this place is the most beautiful place on earth... from far away hahah. so we ran like 50 minutes to the mountain and then ran the stairs from hell to the top of the mountain (like at least 500 stairs) and yeah. then we sat there and talked and stuff. it was wonderful. but while i was up there looking over everything and the ocean and ohhh man! so great. i just thought wow... wow.. this is it. i am here. these are the memories. and i thought of how incredibly blessed we are to have a beautiful earth given by our loving heavenly father FOR US!!! then we ran home.
... Just a side note.. for those of you who are curious, i looked behind me for a sec and this guy is literally looking at straight up porn. i turned right around and almost busted out laughing. im trying ot think of a clever way to leave the law of chastity pamphelet on his desk without him seeing. teehee what a joke.
so anyway something kinda cool that i found out this week, so every painting of the twelve apostles with christ... they all have a beard. every painting. and the bible videos too. except for one person. now the one person is john the beloved. two reasons. one he was the youngest, we know that (freakin boss). and two... in that time period, jews identified themselves being married by having a beard, right? (thank you fiddler on the roof). so he was the only one who wasnt married... but that is also proof that christ was married. now that is obviously not doctrine but i think its quite ironic.
CLAYTON FREAKIN MATTHEW!!!!!!! WILLY WONKA NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD!!!! my heck you little freaking boss you! are you serious?? what the crap??? i about peed when i read that last week!!!! that is so FREAKING sweet!! clayton you are such a stud my man! such a stud! herriman high better look out! clayton sharp is on his way! sophomore oreintation!?? what are you doing?? you are not that old yet pal! ohhh my gosh. clay key to highschool.. love seminary and do choir. literally that is the best advice i can give. but you dont need it... youre clayton sharp. you got this in the bag my friend. just be you clayton. be outgoing and be you. and follow your heart... its never let me astray. maybe you can use my heart for a little while... just ask abby for it.  hahahaha just kidding.... okay that was super lame im sorry.
ATTENTION: i have officially made a list of qualities and things that my wife WILL have. and i will continue to add to it for the next 20 months. but the most important one... just be like my mother hahaha. just have her teach you everything and youll be good to go! love ya mom. love ya lots.
yeah so i sang in church yesterday... it went. haha no it was good i just cant tell you how much i hate singing in portuguese. 
so there is this kid named venisius. HE IS MY FREAKING HERO!!!!  he is probably around 9 or 10. he reminds me of quincey soooo much and i just stare at him all sacrament and cry a little bit as i think of my champ of a brother quincey. this kid has a light about him that i have never ever seen. only quincey has it too. its like you can literally see the christlike love and christ through them. oh quince.. i miss you pal. and he has a killer smile too! just like you.
hahaha okay so i will send you like three pictures... but one of them cracks me up.
LINCOLNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY MY BUDDY!!!!!! are you seriously 9 years old on sunday?!?!? how on earth is that possible??? oh man you are something else kid! i love you to the moon and back! and you best be ready for all the adventures we will go on when i get home!!! mark my words! so happy birthday buddy... i love you.
annnnnd now it is inapropriate time. yes i apologize for my spelling. and for this message but... its just me. and yes it is bathroom experience again too. so we ate lunch at that ladies house who fed me the moldy food that one time right mom. the food was GREAT this time and i loved it... but it went straight through me. i literally didnt leave there house before i was dropping it off. i went upstairs and... used the bathroom. but i was making some noises that i didnt know was humanly possible and i was terrified that they could hear them downstairs. the sisters kept calling me and i just couldnt stop. hey elder sharp you done? (obviously not ya moron! is what i wanted to say) but yes it was very humiliating. Lloyd Christmas strikes again.
now about the missionary work.. it was a great week. me and elder chase had two blow up days. it was soooo hard. but then we had a heart to heart that night and it has been great ever since. i know he is going through a tough time right now and i need to be more compassionate and humble. and i have learned that you HAVE to talk about your problems. a relationship will never work unless you talk about your problems. it is key. christlike, calmly, collectively, cool, and like elder clark. i am learning so much here. things about life and maturing more than i would like to. but this is how it is supposed to be. without difficulty and without challenges life would be easy. we are here to grow and progress and the only way to do that is to learn how to make the best of everything you have. i know i am supposed to learn a lot from elder chase and i am trying to. what a privilege to learn how to be more like christ.
the work is good. i think we will have 4 baptisms it all goes well for the 21st! which is a miracle!! we had an amazing lesson last night and with a member... how it all played out was absolutely send from god. the timing of the events last night could not have been more perfect. but yeah. we taught this lady named carol with this old lady member who ive never met. she was hysterical. member crack me up. she tossed in the book of mormon, tithing, sacrament, all of it on the first lesson. and man.... somehow it worked out perfectly!!! so miracles happen people!! i love His work.
anyway that is all i have time for. i love you all so incredibly much! be safe. preston... hey... finish strong my friend. fight the last 4 weeks like you have never fought before. you are the best missionary ive ever met.. tied with spence. spence... just keep it up my friend.
i lied one more thing. for those of you who didnt believe i could get more massive (dont worry i was with ya) it happened. these workouts are making me huge. my pectorals are like watermelon and it freaks me out. id tell you all about em but this email doesnt have enough ROOM!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  im done now. sorry mom.
all my love,
Elder Sharp

Monday, February 2, 2015

What Fire?!?

well i have about no time due to the fire that happened... so i apologize!!! i do!

the mission conference was truly incredible this week! and guess what?? we watched meet the mormons!!! because its COMING TO BRASIL!!!!! KAFKLAJSDFKH!!! freaking yeah!!! that will be such a huge tool! such an amazing missionary tool!! oh i am so pumped!!

we had mission choir today. it is so intense and our music if FREAKING hard!!! hahah sis cabral literally has try outs. oh how i love sister and pres cabral! 

the work has been abnormally slow this week because we have been so busy with other stuff and have had barely any time to work in our area! but i have had to lead out sooooo much! so much! i think ill be training next transfer bec of it. i think ill train a brazilian so he can help me with my port but yeah. my port is doing so well. i can understand and talk back just fine. but yeah...it has been a very stressful week. anyways thank you for all the love and prayers! i love you all! have a wonderful week!

Elder sharp