Friday, September 25, 2015

Refiners Fire

 Sorry everyone that this email will be not a lot of words, without bulk, or simply put... short. I am currently eating a small snack as i type this email. it is what one would call bolachas also known as poor person food. 

Im sitting here on one of those spinny chairs... you know that spin around. My computer looks like one of those flat screen TVs the size of... well its big. but not like moms apple TV. It's quite hot and humid outside, that is due to the sun activity and vapor in the air. but here in the office it is quite like Antarctica. I would not be surprised if 3 penguins walked in to the room, and that is do to he very rare Air Conditioning. It is a small machine put at the top of the wall to blow out cold air when the human body is feeling overly heated or hot. It is dark in the room of which my body is currently placed because someone decided it would be more fun to have a pday in a room without a source of light, aka darkness. My hands are starting to type a lost slower due to the frost that is starting to appear on the phalanges or fingers. oh gosh really starting to run out of nonsense to talk about... okay i guess i will go back to the norm and talk about my week.

Monday i went to the federal police which is a weekly occurrence. I completed all my responsibilities this week which was wonderful! i felt really good about the work i did in the office this week. i have learned a TON about paper... which took my thoughts back to my grandpa. apparently humidity and amount of time the paper is left out of the package really determines how your paper will go through the printer. i have had it with the two printers we have. they have caused me some serious stress this week bec i have been preparing the new folders for the new group of missionaries that will be coming in next week. This week i will work on the folders of those who will be leaving the mission this transfer. fun stuff. 

We found an ELECT this week! super super sweet. she had been praying for the lord to send his angels and then that same day... WE CAME KNOCKING!!! fill up the font! fill up the font! fill up the font! her name is N and she is someone that really needs help right now. she is so nice and she is awesome. she has been in some serious depression lately and im pumped to start working with her. the joy and power of the gospel and the atonement will completely change her life and cure her. 

Im so sorry guys but that is all i have time for. I LOVE the gospel and the lord and my mission! it sure is a refiners fire! but oh how i love it! you guys are the best! i want INFO on claytons.... friend. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!!!!

Love Brigham

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