Monday, May 9, 2016

May 2


I have like absolutely no time today because we had a leadership council meeting that lasted an eternity today! It started at 9 and went until like 3:30 ish! So I will go through a veeeryyy simple recap of the week.

Monday we had SUSHI DAYYYYY!!!! We have been saving up lunch money for  weeks to do that and man was it a good time. Totally worth it.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Caraguatatuba doing divisions with missionaries over there and that was a really good time. It was a 5 hour bus ride there and back. We gave a training at the zone meeting and then did one more division up there and early thursday morning came back to Santos.

Thursday Friday and Sat we spent working here in our area and Saturday was SUCH A GOOD DAY!!! We found like 3 new families who were sooooo gooooood!! oh it was all so amazing! There were a few funny experiences but I dont really have time to tell all of them! 

One note is that the weather this week has been HEAVEN SENT!!! oh my word it has been celestial! Monday was like a thousand degrees but from tuesday on it was cloudy and cold and rainy!! AND I GOT TO USE A SWEATER!!!! AHHHHH!!! yeah it has been like a year since ive been able to do that! Made me sooo excited to come home to the wonderful and glorious utah fall weather. mhmm! 

Anyways, I am so excited for our ward activity that is coming up here this next Saturday! I am PUMPED! And i think we will have tons of people there, we have been working hard so that it works out well. It will be a great week and I will be traveling the whole time! anyways, i love you all! Family, please return home safely! I WILL SEE YOU ALL ON SUNDAYYYY!!! I am so excited! Love you all, be safe!

Elder Sharp

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