Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sorry for Yesterday

Okay! So once again I apologize to everyone for not emailing yesterday. Elder Cerqueira and I were in a meeting with President literally all day long. 

This was a great week, we saw a lot of success in our investigators and we found a lot of new people. The problem was that not many of them came to church this Sunday, so we will focus on that this week and put all our forces into getting them to church. Things will start to get pretty busy agian, I am getting stressed. I feel the emotions of wanting to do more than I physically can and I am having a hard time with that. I think sometimes I am a little too hard on myself but at the same time I feel like I have more to give and I'm not giving my all to the Lord. It's frustrating really. 

Zone conferences will start next week and we will be preparing our training. The biggest stress is the fact that these missionaries... idk what is happening but a lot of them are struggling. We need to be better models in our own area and we need to do more. I love the mission so much. I LOVE studying the Gospel and without it, life would be impossible. Literally the key to a happy and successful life is a solid Gospel study DAILY. It is our daily bread and I literally and physically feel that. 

Something that I was studying this week is in 3 Nephi when Christ teaches the people. He tells them to go home and ponder and reflect on the things that were said and to prepare themselves to come back tomorrow. Then Christ looks out at the people and they all just have tears in their eyes because they want Him to stay a little longer. They dont want to leave him even for a day. I found that so emotional and for some reason it has been on my mind non stop this week. I dream of that sweet moment and imagine how they must have felt. It's like General Conference except better!

It seems to have been quite the week for all of you! College started and you all survived through the first week. The little boys switched schools... sniff.. and left my old shool house.. ;) Hope you got that quote. 

We had a really funny experience where we chased after by a dog. I felt like I was in the Sandlot, it was JUST like a movie. Sooo funnyyyy!! 

I love this with all my heart. I love Him with all my heart. 

Have a wonderful week and know that I miss you :)

Elder Sharpn

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