Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Here Comes August

Well Ladies and Gentleman the time has come; it's pday again. The weeks come and go and sometimes I look back and ask myself how on earth has another week already gone by?? Well, one more bird is flying south for the winter- Bryson comes home this week. Good luck to ya ;)

So, I am a man now. Full on, full grown, man. I woke up Saturday morning and looked in the mirror and just was shocked. I am so much older and wiser. I am 20. I have been alive for two full decades, that's what I'm talking about! Hahaha no but really nothing has changed. This week was pretty crazy! 

Highs and lows this week, that is for sure! Our investigars N and J C are doing really well! N especially! The will probably be baptized on the 13th. We have this family that is like so golden- V! and her two daughters. Their problem is the husband. Long story short we visited them on Friday and she just cried and cried because she cannot let us come back. My heart was torn to pieces because she is sooo good and she talked about how grateful she is for us coming into her life and the feelings she felt. Her 13 duaghter just cried as well and I was heartbroken! I just want to help this family but the husband is destroying it and the only reason they are still together is because of her daughters. Man it is SO sad! I just... uhhh! They came to church on sunday because she promised she would but we cannot go back to teach them. It was seriously heartwrenching! That was my friday night

Oh, also an update, we have been without electricity since THURSDAY!! So we have been doing everything by candle light because my flashlight is broken. Let me just say it is much harder than it sounds! The showers are like showering in snow, they are so cold. We have to do a special dance to warm our bodies up before we have the courage to take a shower. It is loads of fun! Hopefully we have electricity by the end of this week! 

My birthday was absolutely fantastic! It really was! I was SOOO happy! So happy! I will explain everything in the recording but the sisters made me cake and like a small party thing. And then out of no where my long lost brother calls me and tells me that his uncle needs a blessing and lives in our area. So we went there and it was a surprise!! ELDER HERNANDES!!!!!! was sitting there in the kitchen! I flipped. I was sooooo happy and it was the coolest surprise in the world! He returned home 6 months ago and came to visit me for my bday! Love that child with all my heart!!!!!!! So yeah, it was awesome! 

Spiritual experiences this week... hmm well there were multiple! It is the small and simple things that really matter and I was able to see so many tender mercies this week. Heavenly Father is so kind and loving to me! I think I am the most blessed person on the planet! Nothing brings more joy than testifying of our Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I LOVE our area so much and the ward here is fantastic! I am just so blessed! 

Love you all, have a wonderful week! Thank you for everything!


Elder Sharp

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